Aptus Pack & Go Tent set basic 5 x 50 ml

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Aptus Pack & Go Tent set basic 5 x 50 ml
Aptus Pack & Go Tent set basic 5 x 50 ml
Regular price €22,36
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Aptus Tent Set Basic complete plant nutrition starter kit.

The Aptus Tent Set Basic is a complete plant nutrition starter kit that ensures optimal growth and development of your plants, from start to finish. This set contains five 50 ml bottles, each with a specific function: Start Booster, Regulator, Top Booster, Super PK and K-Boost.

The 50 ml Startbooster ensures a powerful start to the growth of your plants. It contains essential nutrients and enzymes that stimulate root growth and improve nutrient absorption. This results in healthy and strong plants from the start.

The 50 ml Regulator is a unique formula that regulates the pH value of the water. A stable pH value is essential for good nutrient absorption by the plants. Regulator ensures that the pH value remains in the optimal range, allowing your plants to absorb all the necessary nutrients.

The 50 ml Topbooster has been developed to optimize the flowering phase of your plants. It contains specific minerals and trace elements that ensure explosive flowering and increased yield. Topbooster ensures that your plants grow full, dense flower buds.

The 50 ml Super PK is a highly concentrated phosphorus-potassium fertilizer that stimulates the flowering phase of plants. It promotes flower formation and boosts yield. Super PK ensures that your plants produce large, healthy flowers.

The 50 ml K-Boost is a supplement that provides extra potassium during the flowering phase of your plants. Potassium plays an important role in the production of sugars and the development of strong cell walls. K-Boost ensures healthy and sturdy plants during the flowering phase.

The Aptus Tent Set Basic is suitable for a water volume of 330 liters. With this set you have everything you need to provide your plants with the right nutrition and support from start to finish. Get the best out of your plants with the Aptus Tent Set Basic!

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