Aptus Regulator 500 ml

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Aptus Regulator 500 ml
Aptus Regulator 500 ml
Regular price €81,70
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Aptus Regulator Anti-stress plant enhancer 500 ml

Aptus Regulator is a plant booster that controls and supports growth and flowering processes. This product strengthens the crop, regulates the absorption of nutrients and increases the dry matter content. The plant-strengthening function of the Regulator provides optimal protection for stressful situations such as heat, water and salt stress. The Regulator therefore offers good protection against heat stress during the warm summer period.

During warm periods, Aptus Regulator ensures that:

-Crops remain green with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius
-Perspiration reduces by up to 30%
-The moisture balance is regulated
-The leaf hardens and the leaf position improves.
-The plant is more resistant to extreme conditions and the flowering process is no longer -inhibited. Uninhibited and regulated growth and flowering ensure an optimal yield.


-Strengthens plants and provides resistance in stressful situations
-Protects against heat stress
-Improves nutrient absorption
-Increases dry matter content through compact growth
-Shorter internode distance
-Greener and resilient leaves
-Thicker stems
-Use as a growth inhibitor
-With Aptus Regulator the plant remains compact. The distance between the branches (internodes) becomes very regular. If plants are in danger of becoming too large, height growth can be inhibited by using a higher dosage of Aptus Regulator.

Higher temperatures

With Aptus Regulator, plants can withstand much higher temperatures. The plant continues to grow green and bloom up to 40°C. Regulator increases the dry matter content. This provides a few percent advantage when drying!
Use up a barrel of Regulator within 3 days.


Aptus Regulator consists of a mix of trace elements with silicic acid as the most important element. The silica hardens the cell wall, resulting in thicker stems, sturdier leaves and ultimately a stronger plant. Because more fibers are produced, the plant also contains more dry matter. And silicic acid regulates the absorption of important nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The Regulator is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packages.


Regulator is a super concentrated product. A small dose is sufficient for a major effect. Use 15 ml per 100 liters of water (1:6666) throughout the entire growing cycle. Due to the high concentration and low dosage, Aptus is cheap to use. Always mix Aptus Regulator first before feeding and any boosters in clean water in the feeding vessel. Keep stirring or pumping around so that Regulator completely dissolves. Then continue with creating the nutrient vessel. Never pre-mix the Regulator (for example in a measuring cup) and ensure that no dirt gets into the bottle.

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