Aptus Startbooster 500 ml

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Aptus Startbooster 500 ml
Aptus Startbooster 500 ml
Regular price €27,88
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Aptus Startbooster Growth and Root stimulator 500 ml

Root and growth stimulator

Aptus Startbooster is a combination of a growth stimulator and a root stimulator. It is a concentrated product that contains a complete mix of active substances. Startbooster contains a complete mix of organic active substances that all have a function in the development of roots and growth. Aptus combines as many active substances as possible in one product instead of developing a product per active substance. This means that the products have a powerful stimulating effect and the product range remains clear.

Aptus Startbooster ensures rapid root formation with more hair roots. It also provides a direct stimulus for growth processes. The use of Startbooster also has a positive effect on soil life. Due to the high concentration and low dosage, Startbooster is the cheapest root and growth stimulator. Calculate the prices of comparable products per liter of water produced and count your profit.

-Cheapest and most powerful root and growth stimulator
-Very complete cocktail of active substances
-Faster root formation
-Faster development of stems and plant tissue
-Powerful stimulator for soil life

Tips & Tricks

-Before planting, dip the roots in a Startbooster dip mixture of 7.5 ml per liter (1: 133) to a maximum of 10 ml per liter (1: 100).
-Startbooster is the only root and growth stimulator on the market that contains benign bacteria. This makes the stem clearly visible and twice as thick! And an extensive hair root system is created.
-Use up a barrel of Startbooster within 3 days. It is best to use up the solution immediately.
-Startbooster is an organic product. This may cause some deposits to form in the nutrient vessel. Organic fertilizers are always easier for plants to absorb than mineral fertilizers.
-Always use System-Clean when Startbooster is used in drip systems.

Aptus Startbooster contains the following root and growth stimulating active substances:

-Humic acids
-Amino acids
-Fulvic acids
-Organic nitrogen
-Specific biomass

-Startbooster is the only root and growth stimulator on the market that contains specific biomass. This protects the roots and produces growth hormones. It is the combination of these active substances that makes Startbooster the most powerful product in this category.

Startbooster is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packages.

Use Aptus Startbooster as a supplement in addition to NPK nutrition. By using Startbooster, growth fertilizer no longer needs to be used on pre-fertilized potting soil. The pre-growth phase can be shortened by using Startbooster. Use 25 ml per 100 liters (1: 4000) from the pre-growth phase up to and including the first week of flowering. Shake before use. Determine the EC value after adding the growth food. Only then add Startbooster. Startbooster is a completely organic product. Be careful when using organic products such as Startbooster in fine irrigation systems. In these types of systems, the use of Startbooster increases the risk of blockages. For drip systems, therefore, always use a product that keeps irrigation systems clean (System-Clean) in addition to Startbooster.

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