Clonex Mist, 100 ml

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Clonex Mist, 100 ml
Clonex Mist, 100 ml
Regular price €6,90
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Clonex Mist, 100 ml

Improve the growth performance of your plants with Clonex Mist 100 ml. This innovative plant spray has been specially formulated to promote the health and vitality of cuttings and young plants. With an advanced formula rich in nutrients and vital plant hormones, Clonex Mist provides powerful support for healthy root development and improved growth. This 100ml spray bottle is perfect for both hobby gardeners and professional growers, making it easy to treat your plants regularly to maximize yields. With Clonex Mist 100 ml you give your plants the best start for lush growth and an abundant harvest.

Powerful Formula: Clonex Mist's advanced formula contains a rich blend of nutrients and essential plant hormones that contribute to healthy root development and improved growth.
Easy to use: The convenient spray bottle makes it easy to distribute the solution evenly over cuttings and young plants, ensuring consistent treatment.
Increased Vitality: Clonex Mist helps increase the vitality of plants, allowing them to better withstand stress factors and achieve robust growth.
Suitable for a variety of plant species: This mist is suitable for a wide range of plants, making it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor growing.
Promotes Healthy Growth: Regular use of Clonex Mist allows plants to develop a healthy and extensive root structure, resulting in increased nutrient uptake and improved overall growth.
Professional Quality: Clonex Mist is a favorite among hobby gardeners and professional growers alike for its proven results and reliable performance.
Maximum Yield: By encouraging healthy growth, Clonex Mist 100ml helps maximize the yield of your plants, allowing you to enjoy a bountiful and healthy harvest.

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