Lux-Le(t)D Start 720W LED, Incl Digital Luxumol Ballast + RJ Ports 2,8umoll

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Lux-Le(t)D Start 720W LED, Incl Digital Luxumol Ballast + RJ Ports 2,8umoll
Lux-Le(t)D Start 720W LED, Incl Digital Luxumol Ballast + RJ Ports 2,8umoll
Regular price €248,63
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Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start LED 720W 2,8umol

The Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start LED 720W grow light is a state-of-the-art LED lighting system designed for indoor plant cultivation with the latest technological innovations. This grow light has been specially developed to provide optimal growing conditions for both the vegetative and generative phases of plants, and is ideal for both professional growers and enthusiastic hobbyists.

Full Spectrum with Precise Color Temperature
With a full spectrum of 400-780nm and a color temperature of approximately 4000K, the Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start grow light offers all the necessary wavelengths for healthy plant growth throughout the entire life cycle. Whether it concerns vegetative growth or the flowering period, this grow light provides ideal lighting conditions.

Impressive Power and Efficiency
With a power of approximately 1944 μmol/s and an impressive efficiency of 2.7 μmol/J, this grow light is designed to deliver maximum yields with minimum energy consumption. This makes the Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start grow light not only powerful, but also environmentally friendly.

Flexible Dimmability
The grow light is dimmable and offers the possibility to adjust the light intensity to the specific needs of the plants during different growth stages. With dimming settings ranging from 250W to a 660W boost setting, growers have complete control over light levels, allowing them to respond to the specific demands of their crops.

Wide Vegetation and Generative Range
The Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start grow light offers a wide vegetation range from 200x200cm to 100cm vegetation height. For the generative phase, the lamp has a detection range of 150x150cm to 70cm vegetation height, ensuring optimal light distribution for healthy flower and fruit formation.

Efficient Energy Consumption and Compact Design
With an actual power consumption of approximately 720W and compact dimensions of 110 x 105 x 5.4 cm, the Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start grow light combines power with efficiency and space saving. The weight of 9.5 kg makes installation easy and versatile, suitable for different growing environments.

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for advanced growing technology or an enthusiastic hobbyist seeking optimal plant growth, the Luxumol Lux-Le(t)d-Start LED 720W grow light offers the perfect combination of performance, efficiency and flexibility. Invest in the future of your grow with this high-quality LED grow light.

Technical data
- Spectrum: Full spectrum (400-780nm)
- Color temperature: ~4000K
- Power: ~1944 μmol/s
- Efficiency: 2.7 μmol/J
- Dimmable: power supply 250W – 400W – 600W and 660W boost setting
- Vegetation range: 200x200cm – 100cm vegetation
- Generative step detection range: 150x150cm – 70cm vegetation
- Actual power consumption: ~720W
- Dimensions: 110 x 105 x 5.4 cm
- Weight: 9.5 kg

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